Contribute to something bigger than oneself

Louis Têtu is a man of challenges and convictions. Every time we do a project with Coveo’s President and CEO, history repeats itself: he takes one particular element to heart, and devotes the time and energy needed to make it a masterful success.

“he wants to offer the best possible facilities to his ever-growing team.”

“Louis is very sensitive to architecture,” says Katrine Beaudry, Partner in charge of interior design at LEMAYMICHAUD Québec. Like all of us, he wants to offer the best possible facilities to his ever-growing team.”

Photo: Stréphane Groleau

Three years ago, during the redevelopment of the head office of Coveo – world leader in artificial intelligence – located in Quebec City, the energetic entrepreneur was keen to put up a green wall. For the current Montreal expansion at Windsor Station, it is a different story, says Katrine Beaudry: “We wish to build a terrace on the fifteen-story tower of the station’s Painter Wing. The battle is not won: we are talking about a building designated heritage monument! ”

Photo: Stréphane Groleau

Although considerable, the challenge of enhancing the heritage architectural features of Windsor Station is not likely to frighten the team of LEMAYMICHAUD. On the contrary, we have free rein to realize Louis Têtu’s vision: that of a workplace where wellbeing and collegiality, engines of sustained growth for Coveo, take precedence. “He is very attuned to our reality and does not skimp on any means to help achieving results, adds Katrine Beaudry. He likes quality, things to be reliable and well done, and he knows how to surround himself with good people. ”

Photo: Stréphane Groleau

The word “impossible” is not part of the businessman’s vocabulary, nor is it part of ours for that matter. That’s why Coveo will house, by 2020, more than 200 new employees in its Montréal office, in an environment that is modern, dynamic and daring, just like the privileged relationship that unites us. The challenges we face together are all synonymous to brilliant victories.


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