To adapt is key

The secret of a long-term relationship lies heavily in the ability of parties to adapt to change. Because, through the years, each of them manifests the desire to evolve. It is this flexibility that allowed LEMAYMICHAUD and Pacini to celebrate their professional emerald anniversary.

Their union, born in the basement of an A & W on Chemin Sainte-Foy in Quebec City, is now 40 years old. At the time, the restaurant was called La Boîte à spaghetti and LEMAYMICHAUD had won the mandate to develop its design. Then, the firm tackled the first Pacini restaurants. ” Pink and green were very fashionable at the time…” laughs Alexi Lemay, partner architect.

Decades have passed, ties have developed and strengthened. Then, in 2011, Pierre-Marc Tremblay took the helm of Convivia, owner of the Pacini brand. “It brought a great wind of change,” says Lemay. This gust of wind could have shaken the relationship, but on the contrary, LEMAYMICHAUD’s team was delighted by the entrepreneur’s fresh look on things, his avant-garde spirit and his willingness to push limits. “He not only thoroughly reviewed the contents of the menu to make it more authentic, but he was also open to the introduction of a new design direction. Thus, in the new-generation Pacinis such as in Lebourgneuf’s, the spirit of the Italian public square is put forward, embodied by elements such as a delicatessen at the entrance, an open kitchen and a central bar, reminiscent of a wine cellar. The goal: to make people want to gather and feast in a friendly atmosphere.

“He goes along with all our proposals, even the wildest!”

Feed the involvement

What Alexi Lemay particularly likes about Pierre-Marc Tremblay is that he integrates the architects into the evolutionary process of his restaurants. “It helps us clearly see his vision, know the direction he wants to take. He shows us the changes he wants to bring to his menus, the strategic development, and such … It really helps us to know the brand well, to have an overall vision, and to better develop the design in the end. The architect also highlights the great listening ability of Mr. Tremblay, who is only matched by his open-mindedness. “He goes along with all our proposals, even the wildest! He often has an idea of what he wants but does not know how to make it happen. He therefore gives the architects great freedom to interpret it. This has been the case with the restaurant terraces. He wanted to reproduce the warmth and liveliness of Italian lanes, that we transposed into muted and cleverly arranged lighting that embodied the idea. ”

Since 1980, the firm has worked on the 26 restaurants in Quebec, and most of those located elsewhere in Canada. “We are very happy that the group still trusts us after so many years,” says Alexi Lemay.

With a relationship based on such good foundations, let’s aim for the golden anniversary!


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