40 years... and future stories

LEMAYMICHAUD is 40 years old. Forty years of exciting projects, outstanding achievements and rewarding human contacts. This is a great opportunity to stop and look to the future.

The architecture of tomorrow? It would take a crystal ball to predict which tangent it will take. But one thing is certain, for the firm’s partners, respect for the environment will be amongst the concerns in the context where the effects of global warming are affecting more and more people and geographical areas. Humans will also be at the heart of architectural projects, even more so than at present. “User comfort is one of the priorities when designing a building,” explains Alexi Lemay, architect and partner.

At LEMAYMICHAUD, our boldness, flexibility and openness will allow us to adapt to this new situation. The environment and people are already major components in our projects anyway. Ever since our foundation in 1979, we have liked to say that we are very humane. First of all, towards our clients whose needs, ideas and personality are always taken into account; they have a history, a brand that is often already strong, so that’s what we put forward rather than imposing our signature. People are also a priority within our team: we take care of them by providing them with a pleasant and inspiring work environment that encourages creation and collaboration. We also ensure that each employee feels valued, important and part of the projects.

At LEMAYMICHAUD, each person has his or her place and working together takes precedence over individuality. Together, we are stronger! This is what allows us to leave a lasting impression on our projects: rigour, attention to detail, durability, meaning for those who will inhabit or use them. In this respect, things have not changed since the creation of our firm: we are still and always inspired by the human being, his aspirations, his desires, the intentions that animate him.

Driven by these values, we are ready to embark with enthusiasm on this busy anniversary year, as well as all the future stories that will follow.

Want to read other stories like this? All the better. Our memory is bright. We have many more of them planned, all inspiring.