croquis architecture LEMAYMICHAUD

Building is not just a way to move from dream to reality,
it’s a sensible way to leave your mark

Our approach

At LEMAYMICHAUD, the human being is at the centre of the creative process. We design for and with people to create environments where you feel deeply comfortable. From the outside to the inside, we think collectively to create, build and imagine perfectly integrated human experiences. Our expertise in the different spheres of architecture allows us to develop concepts that tell stories, sticking to the brand without ever distorting it.

We listen to our clients and to all the stimuli that surround a creation in order to design welcoming spaces that blend with their environment. From the outset, we proceed with rigour. We identify the constraints to be faced in order to control and anticipate them, and thus propel the project further. Our experience and commitment allow us to take the extra step towards achieving a quality result.

maquette LEMAYMICHAUD mockup

Why work with our architecture professionals?

Our teams of designers, architects and technologists work together on the visible and the invisible with the same rigour and attention to detail, from the beginning to the end of a project, regardless of scale. At the table, no silo mentality and especially no ego. We create, build and deliver by converging towards a single objective: to design a unique environment for our clients without losing sight of the reality of the project and the people to whom it is destined.

Our architecture team

Composed of experienced and inspired professionals, our team knows how to make the most of each other’s diverse talents and inspirations in a collaborative process that continues to prove its worth. Together with our clients, we develop concepts that mark the present and build the future.