A brand is much more than a logo, it is a reputation.

LEMAYMICHAUD, first architecture and design, but also naturally branding. Branding has always been part of the equation in the success of our projects. Our experienced team and collaborative approach have proven their worth. With the offer of integrated services under one roof, resources are maximized, which is beneficial to our clients. The result: a coherent and integrated brand, at all its points of contact with the target audience.

Our approach

At LEMAYMICHAUD, our approach to branding is collective and collaborative. This is more than a trendy statement for us; it is a proven way of doing things. Through a process based on meetings conducted with authenticity and open-mindedness, our clients participate in the multiple stages of their projects, however different they may be, to produce a relevant and distinctive end result. It is our guarantee of success.

A strong identity, a clear positioning and a distinctive message, it is what makes a difference. At LEMAYMICHAUD, we do not sell dreams; we deliver results, by offering our clients concrete strategies that offer stimulating, meaningful and engaging experiences.

Analysis and diagnosis
Interviews, research, competition

Branding strategy
Identity, positioning, promise and brand messages

Brand architecture

Employer branding strategy

Branding strategy

Launch and communication strategy

Brand platform

Nominal identity
Brands, companies, products, services

Visual identity
Including creation or update of a logo

Brand guide
Graphic and editorial standards





3D Modeling

Communication plan

Deployment plan
Brand identity, communication, etc.

Full integration
architecture + design 360

Communication tools

Production and integration of web and SEO

Experiential Activation

Photo and video shoots

Audits and adjustments


Why work with branding professionals?

A brand’s image allows a company to assert its identity and personality, and thus distinguish itself by offering a unique experience to its customers. A controlled and integrated brand image is therefore a real source of value for a company, and branding is a cornerstone in building a business’ success.

Our branding team

Our branding team is talented and renowned, but also experienced and deeply committed to the success of its clients. On the job: senior brand strategists, graphic designers connected to global trends, clever writers, and a host of other resources with more specialized expertise that gravitate in the periphery to complete the team when the nature of the mandates requires it.