Bold, innovative, inspired, our designs are renowned for their ability to touch people.

Our approach

At LEMAYMICHAUD, we believe that design allows projects to be experienced from the inside, to establish continuity with the architectural language. Our curiosity allows us to create concepts from which stories and experiences emanate. Beyond trends, we dare to defy conventions to imagine places where people feel good and which perfectly fulfill the function for which they are created.

Our expertise in design and architecture allows us to offer immersive experiences that are rooted in the reality of the people that inhabit them. We like to think that our creations offer to their end-users environments that are faithful to the client’s brand for which they have been designed.


Why work with our professional designers?

To be creative is to be curious. We have as much interest in fashion, colours, lighting, and materials as we have in people. From the thousands of images stored in our subconscious mind are born emotionally charged concepts that tell stories inspired by the DNA of the brand, the location and the people who live there. Each project is thus unique.

Our design team

Composed of experienced and inspired professionals, our team knows how to make the most of each other’s diverse talents and inspirations in a collaborative process that continues to prove its worth. Together with our clients, we develop concepts that mark the present and build the future.