For 40 years now, we have been working in a collective and collaborative spirit, creating universes where architecture and design coexist and interact, to leave a strong impression and touch people.

We work for and with people to create environments that are both aesthetic and amazingly alive. 

We go beyond limits, for those who think differently. We explore all ideas that are off the beaten path.

We are a team of 125 architecture and design professionals, united by the common passion of building and giving life to projects of excellence.

LEMAYMICHAUD partners with ONE Global Design


We listen

We listen – To work together well, there must be understanding, a relationships, the development of bonds. We know that our strength is rooted in our ability to listen, to read between the lines and to hear, even in the silences. Understanding the DNA of our clients is our guarantee of success.

We create

Our collective approach finds its maximum expression in the creative phase. It is there that it takes all its value. From Day 1, our designers, architects, technologists and graphic designers work together to create a global experience that makes all the difference.

We build

We build on solid because we are solid. Our experts always know where they are going, even if no one has gone there before them.

We deliver

We make it a point of honour to respect the deadlines and budgets entrusted to us. But above all, we make it our mission to deliver results that live up to our promises and the expectations of our customers.

We are