A corporate video inspired by LemayMichaud.


To mark our 40 year anniversary, LemayMichaud lets you in on our day-to-day life at the firm with a new corporate video.

For a day, the video tells and illustrates the work of the members of the LemayMichaud team.

We are unveiling our universe, portraying our reality through creativity and fun. All our inspiration and innovation shine through aesthetics that are both original and refined.

Our sensibility to the human kind is depicted through the portraits and moments captured in documentary-styled images and result in a sensible moment that highlights the work of our people.

Directed by Émilie Baillargeon, a self-taught director focusing mainly on documentaries, the video proposes, in an elegant and poetic way, a privileged look behind the scenes of our firm.

Learn more about the stories that made us by reading the texts in the series: 40 Years of Success Stories with the Business World. Find out about the relationship between Alain Lemay and the Simons family or read on the first time Viateur Michaud met the Germain family. Our loyal clients are leaders in their respective industries and we could not be more proud to unveil how we created projects with them.

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