Earth Day


Inspired to shape the built environment of tomorrow!

Sustainable development has long been one of our values ​​at LemayMichaud and although we have taken many actions in this direction, it is our desire to go even further. With the creation of this committee, however, we want to give ourselves the necessary structure to organize ourselves, to promote responsible architecture and to get involved in shaping a positive and sustainable future.’ testifies Jonathan Pelletier, associate architect.

At LemayMichaud, we see the need to build sustainably. It is our duty to take this matter into consideration in projects, for the wellbeing of the environment and future generations. In recent years, several projects have been designed with this in mind such as Club Med Québec Charlevoix, the Alt Hotel in Calgary, the CNESST Head Office, the McGill University New Vic (in progress) or the Simons store in Galeries de la Capitale.

‘There are many dimensions to sustainable design. But no matter how one looks at it, a holistic view is needed of the complex ecosystem of challenges and opportunities LemayMichaud sees the need for action and to achieve meaningful change in a world facing so many of these challenges We are excited to announce the launch of our Sustainable Committee to shape an exciting future with our colleagues or clients.’ adds Richard Smith, architect and director of the LemayMichaud Ottawa office.

Our Sustainability Committee is ready to inspire the way we work and the way we design in order to shape the built environment of tomorrow.

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