Meet Alain Morin

We’re committed to making our mark without leaving a trace

“Sustainable development is a part of our philosophy. There’s no way we’re just going to sit on the sidelines when we could be taking action to protect our planet and quality of life. That’s why so many of our architects are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified.

Every step of the way, we come up with creative solutions to help our clients on the road to certification. It might mean choosing the most environmentally friendly materials, going with new energy systems, or incorporating green roofs and spaces, but we do all we can to create a living environment that’s full of added value for generations to come.”

– Alain Morin

Quick chat with Alain Morin

Q. Do you remember the first thing you did for the environment?

A.M. When I was 10, I’d often draw on the back of my sisters’ pictures to save paper. They still talk about it.

Q. And today?

A.M. A few years ago, I bought a cabin in the woods. It became a real lab in my quest to become completely self-sufficient. It had hydroelectricity and solar panels, and we collected wastewater. I sold it recently because now I,d like to do the same thing with a more urban project.

Q. Are more people starting to think green?

A.M. More and more clients are aiming LEED certification. I’m thinking of Google, which had an old building on McGill College Avenue LEED certified in Montréal. Or the La Maison Simons store at Les Galeries de la Capitale in Québec city. Along with solar panels and charging stations for electric cars, Simons is also providing a better customer experience using new digital, interactive technologies. It’s the brand’s greenest project in the province or anwhere in Canada, for that matter. Zero footprint!

This Meet chronicle was inspired from our LEMAYMICHAUD book.