Meet Jean-Marc de Grandpré

At LEMAYMICHAUD, we don’t follow a recipe. Every feast for the senses is born from a unique experience.

“We have a real taste for architecture. And we like trying our hand at almost anything food related. From neighbourhood bistros and artisanal bakeries to fast-food joints and first-rate restaurants, we attach the same importance to all the little details that add up to a rich experience, leaving you wanting to come back for seconds.

We understood a long time ago that great food is all about enjoying yourself. The look and feel of a place, creature comforts, acoustics, and lighting are all designed to go beyond ‘something smells good!’ and really get heads turning.”

– Jean-Marc de Grandpré

Quick chat with Jean-Marc de Grandpré

Q. How much research and development is carried out in the field?

J.-M.d.G. I eat out at least five to seven nights a week. I have a keen eye, which helps me with my work, but it’s not very good for my waistline.

Q. How would you define the ultimate gourmet experience?

J.-M.d.G. I enjoy experiences that go beyond the plate. Recently I had the chance to visit Burma. My fondest memory is when they set up a table—complete with white tablecloth—to serve supper beside the river. We were able to admire the sunset while we ate jellyfish, surrounded by huge golden Buddhas lit up by Chinese lanterns. It was a scene that delighted all our senses at once.

Q. Is there a project you’re particularly proud of?

J.-M.d.G. Whatever the size, every project is stimulating. It’s equally pleasurable working on the dining environment at Auberge Saint-Antoine’s Panache restaurant or designing the Chez Boulay boreal bistro. Recently I fell in love with Mamie Clafoutis, a little artisanal bakery in Montréal that we’re creating vintage-themed spaces for. So comforting!

This Meet chronicle was inspired from our LEMAYMICHAUD book.