Meet Katrine Beaudry

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“We often have to leave our confort zone in order to create one. What we’re trying to do is design one-off spaces that are an invitation to new experiences.

Take a hotel, for exemple. For us, a hotel is much more than somewhere to stay, a comfortable bed, and a nice view. It’s a place where people come together and it should be a surprising, rewarding experience.

We’re all about creating atmosphere and memories. That’s why we try to bring out the best in each place. We leave nothing to chance and think long and hard about the tiniest details to make every experience hassle-free. If you ask me, that’s what comfort is all about: the little things that make each moment utterly unique.”

– Katrine Beaudry

Quick chat with Katrine Beaudry


Q. How would you define comfort?

K.B. Creating intimate cocoons by playing with space, light and ergonomics – or fibres, textures and materials, for that matter.

Q. Can comfort still have character?

K.B. Why not! I like the hustle and bustle, the diversity of cities. There’s nothing stopping me from liking the country too, for its fresh air, light, and local colour. I’ve always loved contrasts.

Q. When creating one hotel after another, is it still possible to be different every time?

K.B. Of course. No two stories are the same – everything depends on the spirit of a place or the client’s DNA. We often ask local artisans to create a decor that will really stand out. They’ll build furniture, make cushions and throws, or create inspired, one-of-a-kind lamps and paintings. Using local materials and know-how, Le Germain Hotel Charlevoix was voted world’s most beautiful hotel, all because we managed to come up with a destination with a feel of it’s own.

This Meet chronicle was inspired from our LEMAYMICHAUD book.