Meet Pierre Lagueux Partner Architect.

We like exclusives. And we love fashion.

“Human beings are always looking for new things. Following the latest fashion and design trends, looking for more comfort, surrounding ourselves with beautiful objects—it’s all part of human nature. And that’s great, because it’s part of our nature, too. You could even say that our interest in retail sales has turned us into stage directors from coast to coast.

Since curating the most exclusive items is our specialty, we put our boutique mindset and forward-thinking intelligence to work promoting each and every product. It makes for a display of mental gymnastics that’s matched only by the flexible solutions we come up with for the freshest of shopping experiences.”

– Pierre Lagueux Partner Architect

Interview with Pierre Lagueux

Q. Is a warm welcome in a big-box store even possible?

P.L. Yes, if you have a boutique mindset and create distinct environments for each department. You can play around with signage through colours, create moods for every collection, and make sure all can adapt while seasons change. People enjoy feeling as though things are new and fresh every time they walk into a store. It depends both on how often they visit the store and how dynamic the brand is. This is one of the things, for example, we do for all La Maison Simons stores across Canada.

Q. Can you tell us about a project you’re especially proud of?

P.L. The La Maison Simons store on Côte de la Fabrique in Québec City is a historical Art Deco building. Setting up the youthful Twik department meant we could make bold choices with natural light and volume, giving everything a contemporary feel. It all blends together very well. And with lots of space opening out onto the street, the decor imposes its signature in the heart of Old Québec, day or night.

Q. Are you a dedicated follower of fashion?

P.L. I enjoy the latest trends and, most of all, elegance. As do my wife and daughter.




This Meet chronicle was inspired from our LEMAYMICHAUD book.

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