Meet Pierre Mierski


“Arrogant? Never. Innovative? Always. We believe that just the right dose of daring goes into every creation. That any problem can be tackled. Something’s already out there? We’ll take it further. Our straight talk and constant desire to try new things have won over a string of clients looking for one-of-a-kind experiences.

Daring is our middle name. We dare to go further, throw around new ideas, leave the beaten path, shake up conventional thinking, and change the way business is done. The final destination boasts many a fine discovery on the way.”

– Pierre Mierski

Pep talk with Pierre Mierski

Q. How would you define daring?

P.M. It might seem overly simple, but for me daring always comes down to wanting to give something a try. Sometimes it takes guts to make it through.

Q. What makes you happy?

P.M. Working with daring clients! Clients who encourage us to explore innovative concepts, inspiring us as they share their boldest ideas.

Q. They say you’re something of a perfectionist…

P.M. My six-years-old son is more of a perfectionist than I am! We build model houses together, and if he sees that I didn’t give my all when cutting a piece of cardboard, he makes me start over. I learn a lot from him.

Q. How does your typical day look?

P.M. It doesn’t exist! Our profession evades any preconceived notions: it’s all about meeting people, travelling, discovering. No two days are the same, just as no two projects are the same. We’re always learning.

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