New Cochon Dingue restaurant in Lévis

French inspired design for the Cochon Dingue Lévis


Last week, in Lévis, the Groupe Restos Plaisirs has opened the fifth Cochon Dingue restaurant. The decor of this Parisian bistro is inspired by the French Citroën Type H truck, particularly the sixties style, which will embellish the terrace.

A replica of the truck, which can be found inside the restaurant, has been made to set the tone to the counter service situated in the dining area where the kitchen and its activities can be seen. This food truck style copy has been painted with the French brand’s typical color creating a harmony through diverse elements of the restaurant.

Exclusion new addition : an independent bar section


A complete section of the premises has been turned into a bar with its own terrace. The clientele will be able to enjoy a unique ambiance, different from the one in the restaurant.

LEMAYMICHAUD  & Restos Plaisir : A long standing collaboration


For more than 30 years, our firm has proudly been collaborating with the Groupe Restos Plaisirs in the design of their restaurants.  The Cochon Dingue’s designs always have a special touch inspired by a French theme, bistros with a typical Parisian style but 100% from Quebec.

We are happy for our friends at Groupe Restos Plaisirs who are expanding and we wish them the best of success!