Meet Lucie Vaillancourt


“We like to think that colour conveys an attitude, even in black and white. And, if you ask us, a top colour artist could sometimes be tempted to start a sideline in psychology. Colour allows us to create worlds adapted to particular emotions. It can be used as a marker or to highlight a particular detail or add a hint of warmth to a premium restaurant’s contemporary decor, becoming something of a second skin that sticks closely to a brand’s personality.

Beyond the latest trends, colour is a dish served warm or cold, depending on personal taste or where it’s being used. One thing’s for sure: nothing beats colour as a quick way to liven things up.”

– Lucie Vaillancourt

Quick chat with Lucie Vaillancourt

Q. Is there an infinite number of ways to play with colour?

L.V. There is. We played with colour to bring some energy to every floor of the Alt Hotels, where meeting rooms even have names like Indigo and Fuchsia.

For the Google of ce in Montréal, we played around with the brand’s colours, from a floor design inspired by Google Maps to the colourful holds on the climbing wall (yes, the Google of ce has a climbing wall). The possibilities are endless.

Q. Does one colour call for another?

L.V. Nothing we do is ever gratuitous. For the new Alt Hotel in St. John’s, Newfoundland, the city’s history inspired our lobby design. Down at the port, the boats would be painted with bright colours and then the houses painted with what was left over. They became known as the Jelly Bean houses. And so we opted for
a mural made out of boards from rowboats in local colours. It was a nice way to honour the spirit of the place.

Q. Is colour out of place in a hospital?

L.V. We’re working with St. Justine hospital in Montréal to create feel-good environments. It’s proof that colour can be therapeutic, too, and bring joy where it is needed.

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