Solar Uniquartier project is now announced

Last week was the official announcement of the Devimco’s Solar Uniquartier, a new real estate project in Brossard in which LEMAYMICHAUD will take part amongst many other firms.

Throughout this project, the members of the project team will have to work with the same vision in mind;  rethinking the neighbourhood’s lifestyle while creating spaces influencing one another order to create a feeling of united community.

The avant-garde project will propose an ecofriendly and sustainable development living environment to its residents. With a multitude of places dedicated to leisure activities and exchanges, this project will favor green spaces through an efficient transportation system.

Through the first phase, LEMAYMICHAUD will work particularly on the conception of a multi-purpose building of  eight storeys, including two commercial floors in a lower extension and a six floors office tower sitting on top. In a second construction phase, a second ten floors office tower will be raised on top of the same lower extension. We can’t wait to share with you the images of this project!