Manuel 2017 spécial 40e anniversaire de l’AAPPQ

The Guide – a reference

This annual edition aims to showcase the practice of their members through publications of inspiring projects having particularly shined. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Association, 40 projects have been selected and presented in the 2017 edition.

The simplicity-project and integrated environment

The Strøm Spa Sherbrooke is exemplary because of the simplicity of its concept and through his space being in synchronicity with its natural environment. The site is situated in a semi-industrial zone and was presenting a rather common landscape on the street side and a bucolic one facing the river. Our challenge was to create an immersive experience in nature for the customers, which was achieved by creating a building standing as a barrier between the two worlds. We succeeded in doing so by an overall layout in which the articulations were dictated by the course of the Magog River, and were planned around the basins and the best views.

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