Complexe Desjardins - South Tower


LemayMichaud has been doing renovation and design work for the Complexe Desjardins office/hotel/shopping complex in downtown Montreal since 1981.

The main goal of the South Towers project was to reposition the image of the Desjardins Group—Canada’s largest cooperative financial group and one of the principal owners and occupants of the complex. To achieve this goal, LemayMichaud created a prestigious new corporate entrance on René Lévesque Boulevard.

In addition to revitalizing the immense glass façade overlooking this major artery, we did renovations to enhance the Desjardins corporate signature on the building’s exterior and refurbished the esplanade at the south entrance. Inside the complex, our main work consisted in adding a new atrium in the south wing leading to the large central public space known as the Grande Place, while improving traffic flow around the elevator banks.

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