Vogue Hotel


Facade renovation

The mandate was to rejuvenate the front facade of the Hôtel Vogue, divided into 3 sectors: basilaire, upper floors and penthouse. Only the basilaire section was renovated, including the main entrance and the entry to the existing restaurant, as well as the addition of an entrance for a new café. The main entrance features a marquee and sign, as well as a vestibule.

The aim of the refurbishment was to simplify the busy appearance of the basilaire by creating a sober, elegant and refined architectural response to the client's brand image. New curtain walls now make up the majority of the façade. New granite supports, caps and flanks the curtain walls. New lighting completes the concept.

In keeping with the treatment of the hotel's upper floors, the basilaire's verticality is now asserted by the generous double-height openings that enhance it. The omnipresent transparency of the façade reveals the quality of the interior spaces to passers-by.