Kabane, iXmédia, Septembre Éditeur

Quebec City

Located on Saint-Jean Street, these offices are the result of a three-part development mandate.

Three businesses, Kabane, iXmédia and Septembre Éditeur, each with a distinct visual identity, occupy the space.

As the firms work respectively in advertising, design and publishing, the offices had to be both creative and timeless. The three companies share the same reception and common areas, but each has its own operational space.

The new space was designed to bring in and capitalize on the natural light and vibrancy of the neighbourhood.

The layout was deliberately kept very open, encouraging team collaboration, but offering employees a variety of rooms for meetings. Several cubicles have been created to accommodate group activities and individual work.

The overall concept seeks to establish a distinction between the three entities while creating a coherent ensemble. Thus, the interior design is based on a rather neutral palette, marked by coloured accents. Throughout the three zones, black and white serve as pillars to the concept, yet there are also blocks of colour and coloured areas such as the restrooms. Raw concrete throughout the three spaces also acts as a unifying element and lends an industrial look.

At Kabane, light wood is paired with muted lighting to soften the atmosphere and bring warmth, while the use of black blocking provides an almost timeless setting.

The iXmédia section stands out with its deep blue blocking, which is carried through the staircase and into the conference rooms.

At Septembre Éditeur, the colour block is used again, but this time it is a deep emerald green that gives rhythm to the space.