Les Botanistes

Quebec City

A tribute to botany

Les Botanistes restaurant highlights the great botanical kingdom, both on the plate and in the built environment. The rather unusual site, that adjoins the Floralies Jouvence Garden Centre, adds to the surprise of the unexpected by its contrast with the restaurant, a veritable island of greenery. The space, structured by the overhanging pergola, integrates materials reminiscent of nature such as wood, leather, terra cotta and other materials inspired by a garden workshop.

Both educational and gourmet

The interior design, through its colouring, materials and use of subdued and warm lighting, makes the atmosphere friendly and intimate and invites to a botanical and gourmet experience. The integration of plants and the installation of hydroponics justify the theme, dress up the space and add a didactic component. The entire concept links the garden centre, gastronomy and the educational spirit of the project, to create a botanical experience out of time.