Mapei, a world-class manufacturer of products for the construction industry, wished to renovate and expand its Laval facilities to add new production equipment to the group's first manufacturing plant in Canada, which is also home to the national headquarters.

A new production plant

The project involved the redevelopment of the existing building to accommodate a showroom, new office space and standardization laboratories; and the expansion of warehousing space to accommodate a dry admixture plant, dry material silos, a receiving and shipping center and warehouse facilities.

The building envelope materials, such as insulated metal panels and window units encased in anodized aluminum frames, were chosen to meet the precise design criteria set out in the urban planning and zoning regulations for the industrial district in which the plant is located. The design team worked on the volumetry of the building, composed of fairly standard elements, to bring both rhythm and focal points. For example, the vertical integration of the windows was chosen to interrupt the uniformity of the main volume and harmonize with the profile of the 32m-high tower.

An opportunity to use its own technologies

Inside the warehouse, Mapei took advantage of the project to test new technologies or to implement some of its innovative materials, such as the casting of a thick seamless slab.

The interior design of the existing spaces was revisited to reflect the quality image of this leading manufacturer of premium products. It favors a streamlined design that incorporates the brand's signature color blue.

The expanded warehousing space will now enable all production to be distributed more efficiently: an additional 4,715 m² (50,750 sq. ft.) was added to the 11,892 m² (128,000 sq. ft.) comprising the polymer plant, the R&D center of excellence for concrete construction and the Canadian head office.