Matto Lévis


For their new restaurant in Lévis, Matto's objective was to recreate the warm and friendly atmosphere that has made their restaurants so successful, renowned for their comforting yet refined Italian cuisine.

The designers chose to exploit the industrial aesthetics of the premises while accessorizing it to create the charming, comfortable atmosphere so typical of Matto restaurants. The concrete slab was tinted to create a spatial division. The high windows that make up the entire façade are dressed with curtains to improve the acoustics of the high-ceilinged space, again with a view to making it more convivial. The large shelving units covering the walls create a sophisticated ambience through the addition of leather and metal mesh accents.

Near the entrance, a monumental wire chandelier, whose shape is reminiscent of a traditional chandelier but with a very modern feel, brings the main table into focus.

The large bar, made of recomposed concrete, occupies a central position, offering guests a view of the kitchens and preparation activities. The cellar located between the entrance and the bar adds to this immersive experience.

The furniture combines shades of blue, black and warm grey, accented by the presence of cognac coloured wood. The banquettes were chosen to provide a convivial yet versatile installation, as they are mobile and can be used to reorganize the space. Tables made of wood or Italian ceramics, with a modernized motif, are surmounted by large industrial-style pendant lights that echo the character of the room while providing warm lighting. The entrance and hallway are adorned with large black-and-white photos depicting family kitchen scenes, recalling the values of Matto's founder.