Méga Parc

Quebec City
Leisure & Entertainment

Revised and improved installations

After 30 years of existence, the Mega Parc, Quebec City’s emblematic theme park located inside the Galeries de la Capitale, underwent a complete renovation. The space, occupying four storeys in height, was dug an additional 6 feet in depth to remove any trace of pyrite, as it was done for the entire mall 2 years prior. The concept chosen for version 2.0 is infused with a Steampunk theme that gives a phantasmagorical air to the installations, a modern twist on the 19th century industrial revolution era, as much by the materials used as by the imagery specific to that period. The common areas and adjacent rental spaces are, in turn, redone and developed according to the new common spaces concept developed for the rest of the mall.

The challenges of installing giant games

The development of the project and the challenges associated with the selection, installation and maintenance of the behemoths that make up the park’s attractions required the consultation of specialists in both the United States and Italy. Given the Mega Parc limited interior space, our team was forced to take on significant technical challenges to accommodate these giants usually installed outdoors, both to ensure that all their security envelopes are respected, but also to physically allow the rides to enter the building. Because of old rides, four were revamped by the Carnaval de Québec’s team, while the others were demolished or sold to make room for 12 new rides, including the first spokeless Ferris wheel in North America. In addition, the large skating rink has been replaced by the longest indoor skate trail in the country.

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