Ofélia Boutique

Montreal - Toronto
Graphic design

Ofélia Boutique - Branding 2018

Ofélia is a high-end women’s clothing boutique, active since 2015. When creating its flagship store on De La Montagne Street, in Montréal in 2018, one of the objectives was to highlight the brand in a way that fully evokes the quality and prestige of this new space, also designed by LemayMichaud.

Subtil and Elegant

Unlike the poetic-looking visual identity initially designed in 2015, the ideas evoked by this rebrand is one of confidence, elegance and pride. To achieve this, the typographical treatment, the airing of the graphic elements and the addition of a small drop in place of the emphasis on the E is a nod to the Shakespearean narrative.

Re-branding extends to the integration of the brand into signage, stationery, and digital and printed promotional items

Artistic interventions

Ofélia Yorkville - 2016