Ofélia de la Montagne


A showcase for the brand

The main challenge in the creation of Ofélia’s flagship store was to create an inviting space aimed at getting the brand better known, while conserving a high-end feel.

On a background made of raw materials steeped in history, touches of noble materials were added to create the desired effect. Light input was maximized by the addition of new double height windows at the back of the room, overlooking an interior courtyard equipped with furniture, plants and special lighting.

With personalized service

The shop has been treated like a living environment so that customers feel like staying as long as possible on the premisses.

Thus, there is a coffee corner and a comfortable lounge, and the cash counter resembles a friendly kitchen island. Finally, special care was paid to design details to echo the refinement of the products offered. Italian ceramics, custom-made clothe-racks and carefully selected decorative objects adorn the shop.

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