Residence du quai

Quebec City

LemayMichaud developed the architectural concept and completed the preliminary phase for this residence overlooking the St. Lawrence River, on a headland projecting towards it.

At the beginning of the project, the architects placed great importance on listening to the clients’ needs and expectations. Two concepts as well as advanced preliminary plans were given to the clients, leaving them the choice of the final product.

During the concept stage, the site’s constraints, such as the waterfront margins and the program, were a challenge for the teams and led them to work on two volumes with a strong and distinct identity linked by a see-through connection that allows a view of the river upon arrival on site. With views of the Saint-Lawrence from three of the four elevations, the volumes are open on the landscape, at times crowned by horizontal frames, while they offer more privacy on the street side.

While the roof is made of steel cladding, the volumes are made of wood and fibrocement of different colors, reinforcing each one’ individual character.

Interior design : Cas par Cas