Photos : Maxime Huot

Centre Laval Shopping Center

Laval (Québec)

Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust is one of the largest commercial property owners in Québec. Its holdings include several major shopping malls in the Greater Montréal area, including Place Alexis Nihon and Place Longueuil. Cominar was so pleased with LEMAYMICHAUD’s facelifts of these two facilities that they hired us again to revitalize a third, Centre Laval, whose interior design no longer met today’s market standards.  The budget for this project was significantly smaller, so we had to apply twice as much creativity and know-how to work with the mall’s existing structure. To minimize the visibility of any future soiling, the LEMAYMICHAUD team made clever use of indirect lighting to suggest daylight and designed three huge skylights to let in the actual sun. We installed all new-urban furniture to bring the interior spaces back to life, while redecorating the walls and ceilings in shades of white and coal black to create a bright, pleasant, contemporary ambience.

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