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ICE Kiosk - Montréal-Trudeau Airport

Montréal-Trudeau Internation Airport, Dorval (Québec)
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ICE International Currency Exchange engaged LEMAYMICHAUD to build and/or renovate four currency exchange counters at Montréal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. The instructions were for us to imagine new exchange counters in the very special context of an international airport. We spared no effort in developing new concepts to strengthen the brand image and visibility of these currency-exchange outlets and take advantage of the impulse-buying aspect of the kind of service that they provide.

With this in mind, we installed electronic tickers that display scrolling messages and illuminated the letter ‘U’ in blue acrylic at each of the counters. In addition, unique murals covering the concrete columns near each of the various counters were developed, like the concept as a whole, from the client’s corporate colours. As a result of our efforts, all of the ICE counters at the airport are now more open, accessible, and strategically positioned.

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