Photos: Stéphane Groleau

Simons - Gatineau

Gatineau (Quebec)
80 000 ft2

Inspired by the clothing industry, the architectural concept is refined. The texture of the prefabricated white concrete panels refers to the three-way weave reminiscent of the Prince of Wales pattern. The relief is accentuated by the play of shadows and adorned with Simons green interlacing lines that energize and personalize the facade.

The interior design continues the analogy. The herringbone floor changes from white to black delimiting the women’s and men’s areas. In the men’s section, clean lines are contrasted with raw materials, while in the women’s, geometric textures combine with the sensuality of floral carpets. Ceiling structures serve as markers for the nine departments. Youth boutiques are bursting with energy, while more mature spaces are chic and modern. Each custom-designed floor, wall, ceiling and furniture contributes to the experience as these distinct worlds come together into a cohesive and integrated whole.

Awards & Special merits

2016 – Grands Prix du Design – Laureate – ” Department Store ”

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