Photos: Ian Grant

Simons - Londonderry Mall

Edmonton (Alberta)
90 000 sq. ft.

The Londonderry Mall in Edmonton underwent a complete makeover, and the quebecese company Simons took this opportunity to expand into its second store in Edmonton. They mandated LEMAYMICHAUD for a 360° mandate that included architecture, interior design and graphic design, which was a challenge but also an opportunity to create a coherent and integrated ensemble.

The importance of defining the different universes

Inside, two levels totalling 90,000 sq. ft. had to be fitted out in accordance with the Simons world and its nine departments which define the brand so well. Every covering and finish for the floor, wall, ceiling or furniture was selected and designed specifically because each one contributes to the experience, while the distinct universes come together in a cohesive, harmonious and integrated whole. For example, the herringbone floor changes from white to black delineating spaces for women, men, kids or home. In the men’s area, clean lines are juxtaposed with raw materials. In the women’s, geometric textures inspire creativity and are combined with the sensuality of floral carpets and colors that are sometimes bright, sometimes neutral.

In order to ensure a superior customer experience, the organic flow of the consumer between the multiple universes is paramount. For this reason, there is a skillfully controlled contrast between the youth universes, which explode with dynamism, and the chic and modern feel of the more mature spaces.

An eco-friendly commitment even on the outside

Faithful to the brand’s environmentally friendly values, the exterior of the building has been designed  to reduce its energy consumption, through the use of solar panels installed on the roof of the building and on the parking lot car-ports for instance. The exterior treatment is strongly inspired by the existing stores and has a minimalist look. The panels’ white perforated aluminum unifies the facade, highlighting the brand’s exclusive graphic elements which gradually increase in size at both entrances. At night, the graphic universe of Maison Simons comes to life thanks to balanced lighting.

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