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LEMAYMICHAUD Architecture Design - Montréal

Montréal (Québec)

Revamp the unwanted

What the Montréal’s office has in common with the Québec’s office, is to have found domicile in a historic building in the Old Montréal that nobody cared for. Located on William Street, this old building, originally a warehouse, was quite challenging! It meant incorporating a modern touch to this old abandoned industrial space.

LEMAYMICHAUD’s architects concentrated their efforts on using the existing space and its constraint to make this place unique. By digging into the foundation and by building a part of the main floor higher than street-level, we were then able to incorporate an underground garage without having to do any sub-work. We also included a bicycle storage, a shower room, radiant heating and improved the insulation.

Today’s advantage and a main feature of the space is the natural light, which highlights several pieces of furniture made by using materials found on the construction site.

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