Photos : Pierre Bélanger - Volume 2

Simons Photo Studio

Montréal (Québec)
9 200 sq. ft.
Number of floors

This project for the Simons retail fashion chain involved building a private photography studio on the top floor of an industrial building in the heart of Montréal’s Mile End district. LEMAYMICHAUD wanted to design an environment ideally suited to depicting the excitement and energy of the world of fashion.

The studio space that we created is anchored by a huge reception desk that divides the public areas from the private ones. On one side, there are meeting rooms, offices, lounges, and a grand staircase leading to a rooftop terrace. On the other side, behind a large black curtain, are two ‘’daylight’’ studios with skylights, a cyclorama wall, and space for stylists and make-up artists.

This world-class studio is the first and only one of its kind in Montréal. Simons uses it both for meetings and for artistic events.

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