Photos : Sépaq / Jean-François Bergeron

Chic-Chocs Mountain Lodge

Réserve faunique de Matane (Québec)
18 084 sq. ft.
Number of floors
Number of rooms

This ecotourism mountain lodge has a staff of 15 and accommodates up to 40 guests. Operated by Sépaq (the agency that manages Quebec’s parks and wildlife reserves), the lodge sits atop a summit right in the middle of Quebec’s Chic Chocs Mountains and offers nature lovers a unique wilderness experience.

Designing this lodge was a complex undertaking for LEMAYMICHAUD. First of all, because the site is so remote, all of the lodge’s operations were going to have to be completely self-sufficient.  Second, again because of the remote location, it would be very difficult to bring any heavy equipment to the construction site. Lastly, because of the high elevation, this part of the Chic Chocs is covered with snow for most of the year, so the site would be accessible for construction only from June to October.  We therefore decided to design the building using a prefabricated construction system that imposed as few constraints as possible on the building contractor.

In collaboration with Les Architectes Proulx & Savard

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