CHU Sainte-Justine (3 Tesla Imager MRI Room)

Montréal (Québec)

Our mandate was initially to prepare a draft report to accompany the customer’s bidding document for the purchase of a new 3 Tesla imager. It summarized the existing conditions, the demolition and the construction required for the replacement of the 1.5 Tesla imager and set out to bidders all specifications, issues and stowage related to the delivery of a new magnet of 11 500kg.

Following the initial mandate, we had to redevelop the MRI room and renovate the existing Faraday cage so that it met with the new safety standards and requirements of the new imager. The project also included interventions in adjacent corridors, in the equipment room as well as in the control room, in order to attain the necessary upgrade of the electromechanical systems for the start of the new imager.

Minor repairs were required to the roof for the installation of a new cryogenic vent and interventions were needed to the exterior wall to be able to transport the existing imager out to integrate the new.

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