Photos : Maxime Huot

Café Vasco da Gama Café

Montréal-Trudeau Airport, Dorval (Québec)

The Ferreira Group, which owns Café Vasco da Gama, has long been an ambassador for Portuguese culture in Québec. When Ferreira decided to open Café Vasco da Gama in a new commercial space in a public area of the airport, it asked LEMAYMICHAUD for a design that would make travellers feel as if they were already on vacation before they had even gone through security. LEMAYMICHAUD met this objective handily, designing the café with huge white parasols to shade its open terrace and indirect lighting to underscore the freshness of its products. A magnificent blue-and-white mural immerses visitors in the spirit of Portugal, while the special attention to detail in the product displays enhances this shop’s unique attractiveness.

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