Photos : Étienne Boucher

Les Trois Garçons Bistro

Québec (Québec)
1 975 sq. ft.
Number of floors

Quebec City’s Les Trois Garçons restaurant was moving into premises on Rue Saint-Jean in the centre of the old walled city. The space featured a large peripheral mezzanine opening onto the main floor and an old brick, stone and steel wall, creating a rich interior with an industrial feel.

The architectural challenge was to draw passersby into the restaurant. We needed to improve its street presence and find ways to offset the cavernous impression produced by the existing facade, set back from the street, and the cave like air of the deep, dark and narrow interior.

We came up with strategies that were economical and effective. The neighbouring shop was demolished, making it possible to increase the width of the facade by a third. The interior was rearranged. The bar, the centrepiece of the new layout, was placed in the middle of the dining area, facing the street. The visual corridor formed by the long bench seats between the bar and the street projects the atmosphere of the interior outwards and entices curious passersby to come in and enjoy the Bistro Burger experience the restaurant.

Aside from the bar and the seating, few changes were made to the interior: new floor covering, including a large mosaic forming the restaurant’s logo, new stainless steel light fixtures in keeping with the existing art deco style, Paris Métro-style ceramics here and there on the walls, and paint. The result evokes a French bistro of the past, enveloped in a friendly, masculine, comforting atmosphere.

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