Le Michelangelo Restaurant

Québec (Québec)
Number of floors

Located on Chemin Saint-Louis, at the entrance of Quebec City, the Ristorante Michelangelo is an essential stop in the world of restoration of the city. Since its opening in 1993, the Michelangelo offers Italian inspired cuisine and an authentic decor. The client cannot be insensitive to this Italian charm, the art deco atmosphere, woodwork and mahogany furniture, extensive architectural elements and its details.
The integration of a new space at the heart of the restaurant was a challenge given the history of this restaurant. The project was to offer a new spatial experience and culinary to clients. This intervention should in no way distort with the general atmosphere already present. From a spatial point of view, this new space, Mezzo, is composed of a dining room defined by a wall bench surrounding the new antipasti bar where freshness of the products is highlighted by the transparency of the facilities. The pizza oven helps to vary the desired culinary experiences. The Mezzo also becomes a focal point with hues and colors in harmony with the existing.

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