Paris Grill Restaurant

Québec (Québec)
9 160 sq. ft.

In designing this restaurant—decidedly modernist yet inspired by the traditional French brasserie—LEMAYMICHAUD chose architectural elements that create a festive space where friendly get-togethers and business discussions can go along side by side.

The moment guests enter, their eyes are drawn to the massive bar that dominates the room, its decorative tin edging recalling the bars that are the pride of the brasseries of Paris. Adjacent is an equally imposing wine cellar that separates the bar from the rest of the dining room.

The Paris Grill has been carefully planned to let guests choose between an edgy, lively main space and more secluded areas where they can have a quiet business meeting at lunchtime or a more romantic encounter in the evening.

Although the restaurant’s allure is contemporary, all the elements and finishes that have made brasseries so popular for so long are also on display—wooden floors with ceramic inlay, leather banquettes, huge mirrors, and woodwork of the finest quality.

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