Simons - Londonderry Mall

Edmonton (Alberta)
90 000 sq. ft.

Graphic design of Simons Londonderry Mall

Inspired by the Simons logo, LEMAYMICHAUD has entirely developed a playful and dynamic pattern, completely integrated into the Simons Londonderry’s architecture.

Depending on its position on the building, the pattern varies in color and size. The building’s gray base is at the pedestrian scale. At the top, on a green background, the pattern, at a larger scale, has been adapted to be seen from afar, fron the parking lot for example.

Installed on the front of the patterned wall, perforated panels modify the motif’s perception. The size of the perforations in these panels varies depending on where you stand from the entrance.


Take a look at the Simons Londonderry’ architecture

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