Ice Kiosk (Signage)

International Currency Exchange (ICE) mandated LEMAYMICHAUD to set up and / or redevelop four (4) ICE kiosks at Montreal-Trudeau airport. The order was to design new currency exchange kiosks in the very specific context that is an international airport.

 In developing these new concepts, everything was done in order for the brand’s image and the kiosks visibility to be stronger by focusing on the impulsive side of the exchange office service.

It is with that in mind that electronic tickers scrolling messages and illuminated blue acrylic “U’s” were installed at each counters. 

In addition, based on the client’s corporate colors, the whole concept as well as various logos and unique murals covering concrete columns were developed.

The result offers strategically located and more open and easily accessible kiosks.

Photos : Maxime Huot
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