Yvan Côté joins LEMAYMICHAUD architecture and design

Communiqué – Yvan Côté joins LEMAYMICHAUD architecture design

Yvan Côté (ex- Brad, Brad Atelier, Cossette and Absolu) joins LEMAYMICHAUD architecture and design as the Branding & Design Director.

‘Having Yvan join our team is directly related to the firm’s will to merge branding and architecture-design even more, as well as the desire for our clients to build strong brands that are coherent in the space.’ says Alexi Lemay, partner & architect at the Quebec’s office.    

For the past 26 years, Yvan has been passionate about creating integrated branding and has amongst other things managed the branding project for the new Fairmont Reine-Elizabeth (Roselys, Nacarat, Krèma, Artisans and Colab3) in collaboration with Sidlee Architecture, the Laurie Raphaël, La Serre, Ubisoft Québec and the Paillard bakery as well as city branding projects for the Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts and Sainte-Julienne municipalities.

‘Being interested in architecture and design from as long as I can remember and having worked in this field in the past, I had the desire to work closer to this environment once again. The businesses and clients will have the opportunity to create brands and develop them in their offices, restaurants, hotels and other commercial spaces’ says Yvan Côté who will complete at LEMAYMICHAUD his services by offering a creation/design direction to an external clientele in City branding, publicity, promotion, B2B, B2C, packaging, direct marketing, etc.

By welcoming a well known senior director in its graphic design team, the firm confirms its will to have and offer a strong and integrated branding service.

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