Alt+, a new concept by LemayMichaud


On April 2nd was held in Brossard the opening of the first Alt+ hotel, a new banner of Groupe Germain Hotels. LemayMichaud is proud to have collaborated once again to the architectural and interior design of the building. The new banner, which can be placed mid-way between the Alt and Le Germain hotels, distinguishes itself by the layout and equipment of its rooms aimed for longer stays targeted, amongst other, to a business clientele.

The new 168-room hotel, which is housed on the eight upper floors of the building, is the result of two years of work by our firm. The building, with its square tower, presents an exterior facing on the ground floor that, by the rhythm of its vertical mullions, creates an interesting optical effect giving the impression that the façade gradually opens to passers-by. In addition, the design of the oversized triangular marquee points to the entrance of the building.

The interior and graphic design concepts are inspired by the surrounding Montérégie region, by open spaces, nature and agricultural fields. These themes are transposed into the built environment in various ways. For example, the layout of the entrance hall is open and uncluttered, the reception desk is replaced by more user-friendly furniture and the presence of elements such as the green wall, the patterns of diffrent coverings and the material used for the made-to-measure lamps all help make the hall a space designed in the image of the region where it’s established.

Located on the mezzanine in the lobby, small partitioned spaces – perched like bird houses – are laid out and allow for more informal meetings, an alternative to the meeting rooms located on the 7th floor. The latter all benefit from natural light and offer breathtaking views of the region. In the bedrooms, we designed custom furniture in order to maximize the space while keeping the layout light and airy. As a flash to the brand, the graphic grid of the murals uses the ‘plus’ sign present in the identity of the hotel.

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