Grands prix du design – LemayMichaud wins two awards


With around 500 projects completed by more than 200 firms, the institute that is the Grands Prix du design showcases Quebec’s designers and architects.

Taverne Louise – 2000 sq.f or less Restaurant Award

The Taverne Louise exists in a timeless space. Old plaster covers the stone and brick walls, a floor made out of multiple finishes and memories and traces of old decors compose the restaurant that seduced the Grands Prix du design’s jury.

Simons – Surface / Special Mention Award

This category rewards the use of concrete textures for the Simons Vancouver, Simons Gatineau and Simons Mississauga.

The architect, Jérôme Henné, reflected on how to translate textiles, tectonic and analogy between clothing and architectural coating.

Designed first and foremost for the Galeries d’Anjou Simons in Montreal, the use of prefabricated concrete panels with variable textures brings to each branch its own unique and distinct personality. 

Congratulations to our team and clients!

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