Grand opening of Simons in Edmonton


The fifteenth La Maison Simons store, a long-standing partner of LemayMichaud, opened last week in Edmonton at the Londonderry mall.

To develop a project with Simons means to collaborate and to be associated with many consultants in order for the final result to reflect and to be in line with the company’s values as well as with their engagement towards art, fashion and environment. Every time the concepts stand out and evolve.

An additional challenge!

This project had a particular additional challenge: to produce directly from the site itself a large amount of the energy consumed by the store in order to reduce the ecological imprint of the building.

The main integrated system is all in all pretty spectacular. Outside, in the north parking lot, about 80 parking spaces have been covered with a structure supporting the bifacial solar panels, a state-of-the-art technology.

More than 50% of the energy consumed by the store will be produce by this system and that combined with the solar panels installed on the roof.

Architecture and designThe guiding principle for the exterior concept, keeping in mind that the conceptualization of architecture can convey an aspect of what will inhabit inside, is a an allusion to the fashion and textile industry. The facades’ metallic covering is made out of two layers, one on the surface that is like a metal lace with variable perforations, and one underneath, a metallic surface with a printed pattern, which can be seen through the lace. The entrances create openings in these large textured facades through refined transparent glass volumes.

As for the interior design, the departments have each been conceptualized individually in order for them to stand out with a strong personality and design. Thereby, the meticulous material choices and the contrast between the different environments make the customer experience unique.

It is always with pride that LemayMichaud takes part in these massive projects. Congratulations to all the team and the many consultants!

To see the video of the solar-electric systems

Photo center (from left to right): Jérôme Henné (Architect at LemayMichaud), Jonathan Pelletier (Architect at LemayMichaud), Alexi Lemay (Partner Architect at LemayMichaud), Peter Simons (President of Simons) and Katrine Beaudry (Partner Designer at LemayMichaud).

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