LemayMichaud honored at the RGD Design Awards


We are proud to announce that LemayMichaud has won a prestigious RGD In-House Design Award for its new brand image. This canadian and international contest celebrates the work of graphic designers within companies where graphic design is not the primary service.

"The LemayMichaud brand is a combination of design thinking and simplicity at its finest to create a timeless brand identity that leaves a lasting impression. [...] I believe this project is a perfect example of how design helps to elevate and create a distinctive brand." - says Peter C. Wong, member of the Jury. 

Redesigning our brand image has been an exciting and ambitious project, aimed at reflecting our vision, creativity and passion in an authentic, modern way.

We would like to sincerely thank and congratulate our graphic design team for their hard work and boundless creativity. This award is a recognition of their talent and dedication, which characterize LemayMichaud.

To discover all the work behind the new branding, we invite you to read this article: LemayMichaud unveils its brand image

LemayMichaud dévoile sa nouvelle image de marque

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