LemayMichaud unveils its brand image


We are embracing change by renewing our brand image and adopting a new logo. Created by our in-house graphic design team, the new image is the result of a year’s work aimed at both reflecting our evolution and reaffirming our positioning as a leader in the world of architecture and design.

Designed and developed by in-house talent

The redesign of the new identity was done by our in-house team. This decision was a natural one for us since we have all the expertise and knowledge within the team to carry out this type of mandate, already offering graphic design services to our clients. Particularly since the detailed knowledge of the product and service is a major asset for the redesign.

“Creating emotion is a state of mind that drives us and this notion has always been present in each of our actions, whether it is during the design of a building, of a living space or the development of a graphic universe. Who better than the members of our team to transpose this principle into the creation of our new image?” says Marie-Christine Baillargeon, senior partner architect.

A new logo inspired by the strength of a name

LemayMichaud: the merging of the names reflects unity, collaboration, complicity, and transdisciplinarity, all the while referring to our history and notoriety of over 43 years. The name is complemented by a symbol: a monogram combining the L and the M, which creates a play of shape and form thanks to the alliance of three solid pillars. In turn, the abstract composition evokes the inseparable amalgam of architecture and design, disciplines that have been intertwined since our founding.

« Nous croyons à la fois à l’intemporalité visuelle graphique et à la justesse de son expression. Pour nous, se doter d’une nouvelle image représente aussi une façon de l’actualiser tout en maintenant notoriété et caractère », explique Étienne Savaria, directeur design graphique.

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