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“Getting creative means keeping your eyes open. Concepts grow out of the thousands of images stored in our subconscious, perfect for telling a story that gets right to the heart of a brand, a place, or a group of people. Our bold, innovative, and provocative designs have made a name for themselves because they really hit home. Because they leave their mark on the people around us.

Never mind the latest trends.We play with space, light, lines, and materials to create places where we feel good, places that are ideally suited to their function. And they’re also easy on the eye.”

Louise Dupont

Interview with Louise Dupont Designer – Partner

Q. How exactly do you keep your “eyes open”?

L.D. One day I was stuck in traffic and I saw an old bolt sticking out from the steel girders of a bridge that had seen better days. I thought it was so beautiful. I was inspired by it when coming up with a sheen for the walls of a Griffintown café in Montréal.

Q. Where do you get your inspiration from?

L.D. Everywhere! From my travels, but also from fashion, cinema, magazines, trade shows like Milan design week, and nature. And from talking to my teens, even though they can find me very behind the times

Q. Are you often given carte blanche?

L.D. We’re fortunate enough to have clients who trust us. Constraints tend to come from the spaces themselves or from budgets. But it’s the constraints that spur us on to greatness.

Q. And what is happiness for you?

L.D. When artistry meets emotion. Artists like Jody Broomfield, who sculpted motifs inspired by the history of the Squamish people right onto the stone facade of the latest La Maison Simons store in Vancouver.


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