Meet Viateur Michaud, Founder Architect


“You need to be curious by nature to be really into something. At LemayMichaud, we’re as interested in fashion, colour, lighting, and materials as we are in individuals. Leaving the latest trends aside, we try to understand how we can best reach out to others and how we can move and excite.

We listen, watch, read, travel, and keep a close eye on the progress of humankind and the latest technologies to create fascinating worlds where pleasure is everywhere. And that’s another part of having our finger on the pulse: knowing when to go back to our roots to really enjoy the present moment with feet planted firmly in modernity.”

-Viateur Michaud, Founder architect

Interview with Viateur Michaud

Q.Would you describe yourself as a visionary?

V.M. If being a visionary is related to the number of times people have called me crazy , then yes, absolutely! Like the time my instinct told me to set up the LEMAYMICHAUD offices in abandoned buildings in the poorer neighbourhoods of Montréal and Québec City. Today, our locations couldn’t be more fashionable.

Q. Are you an example for others looking to live on the cutting edge?

V.M. Since we’re known to be a creative firm, our suppliers tend to approach us about products that are coming on the market. It often keeps us ahead of our competitors.

Q.And how do you relax?

V.M. I’ve always been a builder. When I was little, I’d build cardboard cities with empty boxes from my dad’s bicycle store. Today, the child in me builds bird-houses. I also paint and sculpt. But you’ll never catch me in a hammock!

Q. What do your vacation photos look like?

V.M. Lots of buildings, much to my wife’s despair.

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